Today I am Thankful…

…that my husband and I get to pretend we are 25 and carefree this evening.  We are heading into the city tonight for dinner, drinks, BellX1, more drinks and capping off with a night’s stay at a fancy hotel that guarantees there will be no chance our children will find their way into our bed.  For about 18 hours, we have no obligations or committments or demands being placed upon us.  We can dine anywhere, drink anywhere and rock out like it was 2001!

AND least I forget….a very very special-special thanks to my in-laws who are taking my children and dogs for an overnight of fun.  Without you, our night would not be possible.

So many of you may be asking, who is BellX1?  Keep your eye out for them.  Great Irish band whose sound is a cross between Talking Heads and U2.



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