Today I am Thankful for…

…for the power of the “Santa is watching” threat. 

Admittedly, I have been using this tactic since late August, but with the holiday season more prevalent now, this method is proving effective. 

This year, we have also upped the ante.  Not only is Santa watching, but so is Jesus! 

I witnessed my oldest imparting some information, “Santa watches, but Jesus knows EVERYTHING- even if he didn’t see it happen,” as my youngest eyes widened with shock.     Ah yes….let me add – I am thankful for CCD.

 Join me in my 24 Days of Thanks.  Post on your facebook or twitter or blog and in the comment section of this post and the posts to come what you are thankful for.  Let’s share our thanks with others and spread joy and laughter this season


2 thoughts on “Today I am Thankful for…

  1. Today I am thankful for my cat, Jack. While misunderstood by most, he definitely has lots of love to give (of course only on his terms). There was a reason Maddie’s first word was Jack! He loves his little sister and stands guard over her most of the day.

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