Light the Shit on Fire and Run – Well, Not Exactly.

Similar to many other working parents, my husband travels for work.  International and national, most months bring at least one trip.  Back in B.C times (before children), I would venture on a trip or two.  However, due to a combination of a guilty conscience and simply too many after school activities, I have not joined my husband on a work trip in over ten years.

On a recent trip which took place over a weekend, I found myself home with the children on a Saturday night.  Regardless of how old the children are, weekends as a single parent are far more stressful than weekdays.  And on this particular night, I was exhausted by 6pm.  Dear friends of mine were having a ladies night complete with dinner and wine and comfy clothes.  It sounded heavenly.  However, with my husband away on business and no on available to sit with my children, I declined the invite and stayed home.

Early that particular evening, I let my children watch TV.  Yes, I realize it’s not the best approach to “quality time” with children, but it’s effective in letting mommy regain her wits.  I took to my computer to catch up on a few emails – including one to wish my lady friends well on their night out.  This one email turned into a flurry of wine induced emails where the giggles and cackles literally leaped off the screen.  At one point, I felt as if I was eighteen again and unable to “hang out” by mandate of my parents.  However, this time around, my children are issuing the mandate and I am far from eighteen.

Eventually, I shut my computer down and together with the children, nestled into bed.

The quiet and stillness of the next morning broke sometime before 8am.  In a rush to get to mass (which is a blog post all to itself), we quickly moved through our morning routines and opened the front door with only five minutes to spare before mass began.

What appeared on the porch took my breath away.  I skull sat on my porch facing us with a wicked grin and a note attached flapping in the wind.  My first thought was “light the shit on fire and run” but this was clearly not a brown bag.  My children, so engrossed in this present quickly walked on to the porch and handed me the note.  “Na Na Na Na Boo Boo”.    Ah yes….girls night out!  With a smile from ear to ear, I gathered the kids with their new present in hand and rushed off to church.

Later in the day, I messaged my girlfriends and thanked them for making me feel eighteen again to which they merrily explained – in detail – their adventure and how they were sure I heard them giggling on the porch.  They too felt like they were eighteen again.

Funny how just a simple gesture can bring so much light and merriment and make some “older, wiser, mature” women feel so carefree and fun!


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