My Handsome Boy

On this day five years ago, I awoke at 3am in a pool of blood.  Without hysteria, but serene calmness I nudged my sleeping husband and said “it’s time.”

I’ll spare you the gory details, but after several frightful hours my handsome boy was born.  Despite arriving four weeks before his due date, he was a hearty six pounds.  He was tiny yet robust with rolls of fat in all the right places.  I swear he smiled the first time I held him, happy that he found his way to my arms unscathed despite the circumstances.

The smiles and the giggles have continued ever since.  My handsome boy keeps me on my toes and is always ready to make me laugh at the moments when I need to be stern and motherly.  He always greets me with a special morning smile and never hesitates to say I am beautiful or I smell pretty.  He begs me to smell his farts and wipe his “coolie” because “you wipe it the best Mommy.”  He is smart, willful and outgoing.  He is gentle, sweet and caring. He is perfect and imperfect in every way – the way a five year old boy should be.

On this very special day, I wish my most handsome boy a Happy Birthday.  May you always posses the vigor and happiness you bring to us each and every day. Mommy and Daddy love you very much.

This is my favorite clip of Little Man in action.  He was just three years old in this clip and was told not to touch the cupcakes.  Me, behind the camera, I assume he thought I could not see him:


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