Happy Birthday Maggie!

Fifteen years ago, a special tiny puppy came into my world.  She was no more than eight pounds and was just the cutest little thing I ever laid eyes on.  She was a gift from my husband (then boyfriend) my senior year of college.  Having only a gold-fish as a pet until that moment, I was at a complete loss on how to care for her.  However, with the guidance of roommates and my very patient husband, I learned how to manage.

Today, Maggie is 105 years old “in dog years”.  She is spunky, sassy, stubborn and sweet.  Once the only child, she is now the oldest among three (2 human and 1 animal).  Despite the puddles of love she leaves behind on our hardwood floors, or her insistent howling until you give her your dinner, she has brought so much love and comfort to me and my family.  So to my very first baby, Happy Birthday Maggie. You changed me the moment I saw you and have been witness to some of our families most important milestones over the past 15 years.  We love you and your little howl!


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