I Do It Because I Can

Last week, I wrote about drowning.  This week, I am treading water.  Next week, I hope to have my “swimmies” inflated and on. 

What has changed to allow this optimistic outlook?  It most definitely not a diminished work load at the office.  Meetings and assignments are still being scheduled and completed.   My freelance writing is still tapping the keys on the keyboard.  The children continue to participate in all activities under the sun and PTO tasks are still keeping me busy at night.   So it’s safe to say my work load has remained the same. 

The change?

It’s the smile and the excitement in my daughter’s eye when she recognizes me in the halls of her school.  “That’s my mommy”, she proudly announces.  “She works, but she is still the coolest.”  

My window of being “cool” despite the fact that I work, is not going to last forever.  There will be a day where they will blush when they see me approach or hide from their “uncool” mom.  Until then, I am taking full advantage of my cool status and making a difference in not just their lives but the community. 

I am not supermom, supermamma or any other ridiculous title many bestow on themselves.  I shrug at this stupidity.  I happen to work full-time.  I happen to have children who are active.  I happen to lend the skills I acquired during my career.  There is nothing more to it than that.  There is no guilt.  I do what I do because I love it and I know this moment in my children’s lives will not last forever.


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