The Most Romantic Unromantic Night

Completely unplanned and very much welcomed, my children were whisked away one recent night by my two very dear friends.  At first, my husband and I sat dumbfounded across from each other unable to process what was happening.  Coming quickly to our senses and knowing our time was limited, we started the first fire of the season in our fireplace, lit candles, settled on my Ipod (hubby’s was in the car) and poured ourselves a cold glass of beer.  As we sat cuddled facing the crackling fire, we chatted everything non romantic: finances, upcoming work projects, children, schedules and after several glasses of beer, possible home improvement projects.

When I was younger I envisioned this moment with rose petals askew on the floor and hubby and I whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  The likelihood of THAT ever occurring would evoke a completely different vibe today.  Petals on the floor – faithful lab getting hold of the flowers.  Sweet whispers shared  – so as not to wake the sleeping children.

Yes, life turned out very different from what my naive 20-something self envisioned, but having had just the most romantic unromantic night in a while, I can’t imagine it any better.


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