T – 5 days, 20 hours……

….And just like that, summer vacation is quickly coming to an end (not that I am counting down).  In just five short days, the early morning routines and abundant after school activities will resume.  My oldest began showing signs of excitement as her teacher assignment letter arrived in mail.  I must admit, I too was excited and took part in the flurry of parent excitement via Facebook postings of who received whom.  My youngest, who misses the kindergarten cut off by just a few painful days, is excited to return to his school as the oldest child on the roster. 

Back-to-School supplies have been selected and purchased; outfits for the big day have been narrowed down to, “three maybe four because of the weather“, says my 7-year old fashionista; AND the summer reading list assignment is complete.   It seems there is nothing left to do but relish in the excitement of the most wonderful time of the year.  Go ahead and click on the link 🙂

This week, we say goodbye to summer vacation by squeezing in a few more glorious days at the Jersey Shore.  Our beach chairs are still sandy.  Our sunscreen cans full.  The cars are loaded and with the windows rolled down we are ready to soak in the salt water air and warm sun. Summer is not over.  Jersey Shore, here we come.


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