Season Changer

Going on Week 8, and with just four weeks left to the 12-Week Challenge, it seems I am stuck.  I am stuck just shy of one pound from my original goal of loosing twenty pounds.  I feel frustrated and yet exhilarated to be so close to my goal. 

As I snapped this photo this morning, I thought what better way to blast past my original goal than to change it.  So as of today, my new goal is to lose another 20 pounds.  This should put me in the 136 to 140 weight range (which shockingly is still heavy for my 5 foot almost 3 inches frame).  With the crisp autumn weather teasing us at nightfall, I can almost taste all my favorite comfort foods.  Having this lofty goal will (I hope) keep me dedicated to all I have accomplished. 

I now lift my eight ounce bottle of water to toast my new goal and to the next twelve weeks.  Who’s with me?



2 thoughts on “Season Changer

  1. I am! I just went for my second run in many months the night before last night. I’m hoping to go for my third (with Li’l D in our running stroller) tonight. I’m shooting for 16 pounds before year’s end. I feel just right at 162, a weight I haven’t been for about two and a half years now.

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