My Assistant

I am often asked how I manage to work from home with both a seven-year old and an almost five-year old.  My answer?  They are both in school and I work quietly at my desk getting my tasks done.  Before they were in school, they were very good about keeping themselves entertained and very accustomed to seeing me work on the computer.  In fact, they really didn’t know any different.

Fast forward to present moment.  I am going to pull my hair out.  As I type this post, my chair is being pulled away from my desk by a terror of an assistant.  Summer camp is over for my youngest, and for the first time in a long time,  is home with me ALL DAY.  He is hovering.  He is climbing.  He is badgering me with questions.  He is hanging on to my left arm as I type.

I anticipated that today would require more “projects” but after completing them in record time, I am at a loss with what to do with my assistant.

There is always Photo Booth on the Mac.

Say Cheese

Bunny Ears Never Get Old

This project lasted about 5 minutes and again he is at my arm.  Today, I am going to cave in.

Mr. Remote, meet my little assistant.


2 thoughts on “My Assistant

  1. I know this feeling so well….my little helper never gives me a minute….I am delighted and blessed to be a mum…but never thought I was taking on the role of entertainments manager when I give birth….have to go she has finished her dinner and is shouting mummmmmm..Good luck .and great post..ELiza Keating

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