Mama is Down – In more ways than one

I suppose after dealing with this nasty stomach virus that raced through my children, it was inevitable that I would be next.  I will spare you the gruesome details of my twelve-hour ordeal – where in moments I wasn’t sure if I should sit or face the toilet but settled for simply laying on the cold tile floor.  At one point mid-saga, I actually believed I was giving birth and thought, this is pay back for all the times I ridiculed the women on I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant television show.

But now, post saga, I decided to step on the scale.

Weigh in Post Virus Ordeal

For the pain I endured last night, it seems only fair that I use this weight for my weekly weigh-in amount. I am fully aware that this will alter my numbers and I will deal with that issue next week.

So as I sit here with my dry toast and ginger ale, the house is completely quiet (my awesome husband has made it possible for me to have a real sick day sans children) and for today, Mama is down!


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