On a Roll – and I Don’t Mean Sandwich

Completing week four and heading into week five AND…….this picture does not lie.  A total of eleven pounds lost since that very fateful day in July!  Skirts that I had no business squeezing into now fit and my chest no longer seems as if it is feeding a set of hungry infant twins.

I am also proud to report that Mama Italiano has dramatically scaled back her menu selections and Papa Italiano has also been very kind to keep my fridge stocked with fruits and veggies.  All in all, this has become a family project.  Even the children are in on the action. On weekends when working out, they serve as extra weight as we do our push ups and lunges. 

Yes, there are times where I am hungry and yes, there are times I will eat less so as to appreciate a glass or two of my new favorite cocktail (Dark & Stormy) but I am coming to learn that just like everything else in my life, balance and moderation is key.  In the end, my appetite is that of an Italian.  I still love-love to eat.  I just need to learn to love-love to exercise. 

I am on a roll.  Eleven pounds down and nineteen to go!


9 thoughts on “On a Roll – and I Don’t Mean Sandwich

  1. What is dark and stormy?!? Sounds intriguing! Good for you- I should start the same project…but my will power seems to be nill… you should be very proud of yourself! I have tried before and always failed- unless its been goold old calorie-counting… but that seems like such a chore…

    • Dark and Stormy is a delightful cocktail….real ginger beer mixed with dark rum. Sinfully tastee.
      You are more than welcome to join our little group when you are ready…..we keep track via email and facebook and weigh in on our own. My philosophy is the more the merrier!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss- no easy feat (feet? as in your photo, LOL)

    Dark and Stormy sounds good. Have you tried the skinny girl margaritas yet? Even on a diet, momma needs her some cocktails……

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