An Unfair Advantage

7 pounds lighter!

It has been two weeks since I truly committed myself to changing my life.  My first week found me fending off my mother’s wild notion of a healthy diet.  As for my second week?   I must be honest and share with you that I have had an unfair advantage.  This unfair advantage did not come by way of a personal trainer kicking my back side with its own zip code or a personal chef preparing and cooking wholesome delicious meals. It comes in the forms of a 6-year-old who ate two pints too many of cherry tomatoes and a 4-year-old who drank grape juice prior to having his stomach kidnapped by a bug.

It’s 3am.  A scampering child makes her way to the toilet and my mommy radar flips on to CODE RED as my husband is on CODE SNORE.   Two seconds later, “Mommy, I….” Her sentence is cut off.  But it is clear she wants her mother and not her father who is soundly sleeping.  Holding her hair back, my daughter hurls undigested tomatoes skins and peels.  Considering tomatoes are a significant staple in my current diet, I loose my desire to make a salad.

Fast forward to the night before Week Three Weigh In.  A pond of purple puke with pieces of curdled milk and cheese bridges my family room and bathroom with my son standing mid-channel in his stained white karate uniform.  The likelihood of dinner being cooked that night was slim to none.

Yes, my sweet unassuming children and their regurgitated meals helped curb my appetite over the course of the week.  The sight.  The smell. The unfortunate task of cleaning the mess was powerful enough to help curb my desire at the very least, for 12 hours.

And so, these few weeks of changing my lifestyle has been interesting at the very least.  What will the next week bring? Stay tuned!


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