Let my Mother help you Diet – Old School Italian Style

One week completed and four pounds lost.  In my book, this is progress. 

A slightly less fat lady

In my effort to lose weight to reach the healthier me, I exercised 5 out of the 7 days, watched what I ate very carefully and tried my best to curb my hunger cravings.    AND it wasn’t easy.

Day One:  My dear mother (who really does mean well) was very excited to help my husband and I embark on this challenge.  For dinner she prepared, veal cutlet parmigiano.  Fried, then baked in sauce under a coating of melted parmigiano cheese with a side of salad.  “It’s healthy.  I didn’t use mozzarella cheese and I served it with salad.”  Spoken like a true Italian.   My parents and children licked their plates clean and my husband and I ate grilled chicken with salad. 

Day Two: Up at 5:54am, dripping with sweat, we worked muscles that long had been dormant, to the scent of homemade foccia bread baking in the oven.  Yes, my mother was still over.  Again, the children had a wonderful dinner that night.  My husband and I, chicken and salad.

Day Three to Five:  Best way to sum up the remaining days?  With my mother back at her house, grilled chicken, salad, exercise (and one delicious shrimp stir fry that I made from scratch) finished off week.

Killer Weekend: With two weekend BBQ’s, it took all of my will power not to splurge.   With the vigorous exercise completed in the morning and enduring pain in my arm when I tried to reach the dip with the chip, I found the will to resist.

But now the true test is back.  My mother is spending the next two days with us.  I can only imagine what is on the menu tonight.  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Let my Mother help you Diet – Old School Italian Style

  1. Way to go. I was raised in an authentic italian home and lived in Italy for years growing up. I’m glad I found your blog and I look forward to seeing your progress. I started blogging about my journey to better health after having kids. Posting about it helps to keep me motivated. ~ Ciao

    • The power of the Internet never ceases to amaze me! Here we are, connected by a similar upbringing trying to achieve the same goals and we would have not met had it not been for a few clicks and few words.
      I look forward to sharing with you, Italian to Italian!

  2. I was genuinely grinning while reading this post…
    I have a huge Italian family, and my Aunts’ idea of having me over the visit is an afternoon full of legit CONSTANT eating. First comes pasta, then we have the meat, then the salad, then fruit, then pie, then pastry, then homemade Frappucinos. And it’s just. so. hard. to say no :]

    • Brett-
      It took my non Italian husband several years to come to terms with my family siting at the table and eating for 5 hours non stop.
      Sometimes I think I can devote an entire blog to “growing up Italian”. For example, my mother irons dish cloths – seriously!

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