Is that really Mommy?

The deluge of rain was unrelenting and powerful.  When it subsided, I was sure there would be a puddle or two in the neighborhood. After working my relatively typical Friday office work load from home and running carpools to camp, quick errands to the farmer’s market and the library, I was spent.  Needing a quick pick me, I told the kids to get their rain gear on and head out to the porch.

Stunned, the cherubs did as they were told fearing I would change my mind.  Quickly dressed, together we headed outside.

Singing in the Rain

With the creek over flowing, there were more than enough puddles begging us to visit.  Giving my blessing to jump at their discretion, they splashed and laughed and skipped through the rain.  On our way back, they seemed to be very deep in conversation.   “Is that really Mommy?”  asked my youngest.

I couldn’t help but smile.


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