Peek a Boo. I See WHAT!?!?!

Fat Lady Weighing In

There is no hiding now.  Here is photo proof that everything will change today.  After a traumatizing realization that my mental image of myself is nowhere close to how I really appear, I took to this blog and came clean.  Ironically, it was a photo that triggered this realization and it will be this photo that will begin the change.  I weigh 176 pounds as of this morning and I will lose 30 pounds.

Almost immediately after posting the entry via my facebook account, something quite remarkable happened.  One response.  Then two responses, three, four….  Agreement, sympathy, encouragement, resolution, committment and within 24 hours, a group of 10 women (led by the multitalented working mother extraordinaire, Arlene) came to life.  Together we will motivate and inspire.  Together we will find a way to become healthy again.  In a day and age when everything is supersized, we refuse to have our asses, bellies and thighs be supersized.

Beginning today and for the next 12 weeks, I will post a weekly update of both my scale and my progress in achieving not only weight loss but to show the power of women, friendship and resolve.  Together, we will be healthy and together we will be accountable.

A special thank you to Rachel for posting the photos,  to Arlene for giving this group life, to my husband who is P90x-ing with me in the morning and to my fellow team mates who made me what seemed at the time a terrible moment to be a defining moment.


5 thoughts on “Peek a Boo. I See WHAT!?!?!

  1. I believe my scale would tell me the same thing, +/- two pounds! I’m very, very close to pushing myself back toward my preferred (pre-pregnancy) weight of 155. I’ve had a lot of other to-do items I wanted to knock off first, but I’m almost done–and looking forward to being inspired by you. 🙂

      • It was not wasted, sometimes we need to fall so we can truly commit to ourselves! As moms we put everyone else first. Now you know know this has to be a lifestyle change, you can not go back to old habits if you are going to live a healthy and fit life.

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