Holy Wake Up Call

A photo is worth a thousand words.  A photo never lies.  A photo is what I needed to see.

Since the birth of my children, my weight personifies the proverbial yoyo -30 pounds up and 30 pounds down.  After my youngest, I lost 30 pounds with NutriSystem only to regain all 30 pounds right around the time he turned two.  I then again lost 30 pounds sometime around his 4th birthday only to gain it back – and here I am present day.  This past January, I tried to refocus and thought I was managing.

And then I saw the photos of myself on facebook.  Standing in the isle at Target, I had to look twice at the photo of myself.  Who was that fat lady?  It couldn’t be me?  My first instinct was to untag myself but I was on my blackberry.  My next thought was to drop everything and run home (which I did contemplate for a quick minute).  And then I heard the ring of my wake up call.

I was actually thinking of leaving the store to untag myself from a photo I found too truthful.  This sheer panic I felt disgusted me.

Untagging myself does nothing but mask the truth.

Untagging myself is essentially removing myself from our family’s photo history.

Untagging myself does not get me thinner.

The photos do not lie.  I have 30 pounds + to loose.  I am leaving the tags on my photos.  I am leaving the photos tagged as a reminder of what I need to do to make sure I stay in our family photos – thinner would be nice but healthier is the goal.

This is the day everything will change.




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