Role Reversals

For almost 10 months, life is deadlines at work, school activities and endless “to do” lists. Mornings launch with my “let’s get moving or you’ll miss the bus.”  Mid afternoons are follow-up phone calls, meetings and “I’ll be there just as soon as I refill my cup of coffee.” Early evenings are filled with “let’s finish up your homework, eat dinner and off to the fields.”   Nights are no different. “Finish your reading, brush your teeth and lights out.” Hit repeat and the cycle begins again.

Much to their credit, my children fair relatively well to this schedule and those in my office can appreciate my love for coffee. Yes, at times, the children will need some gentle reminders but all in all they are cooperative troopers in our army.

Ironically, the roles quickly reverse the moment we are taking a vacation.  “Are we ready for the beach?” asked the fully dressed bathing beauties as they stand at our bedside at 6:30am.  “Your 5 minute break is over.  Come into the ocean so I can boogie board,” they insist as I adjust my towel on the beach chair.  Water park, beach, boardwalk, mini golf, ice cream, sea shell hunts in that order every day announce our children turned cruise directors.

And just like that, we follow their lead and they become a reflection of who we are for most of the year…..and I wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂


2 thoughts on “Role Reversals

  1. Cristina, II enjoyed your story. Indeed, you are a very busy woman. I think you need some help. Is there anybody who can help you? I am looking forward to your next story.
    Relax a little

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