Summer Drive

My office is approximately 20 miles from my home.  You would think that driving 60 miles per hour on a two lane highway with the ocassional light, will allow me to arrive within a half hour or so.  But this is not so.  I live in NJ, where everything is 45 minutes away but takes 2 hours to arrive.

However in late June, my morning commute takes on a new life.  The traffic is lighter and the tempo is less charged.  I have time to stop for a cup of coffee and maybe a bagel and still get to work early!  It’s the time of year that my commute becomes my half hour of serenity.   With the windows rolled down and the music tuned to my Ipod and the warm cup of coffee sitting so pretty in my cup holder, dare I say….I feel recharged and giddy!  (Completely Unrelated Side Note: This morning my Ipod was tuned to We Are Augustines and replaying Chapel Song.  Love it!  Take a listen…you won’t be disappointed.)

So this lighter traffic, less charged tempo on the roadways made me wonder, is everyone else feeling as happy as I am?  Can I assume that less drivers cutting off other drivers, allowing for an orderly alternating merge is the result of the warm summer morning?  Is the lack of constant beeping, lude salutations and heeding the yellow light warning -not racing it- a product of the season?

If so, then Summer 2011…bring it on.  Hope you are happy behind the wheel this season!


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