SPAtastic Sunday

Everyone in my house has extra curricular activities.  The children have a dozen, at least, between the two of them.  My husband plays recreation soccer, PBR Golf and although I know it’s categorized as work, travels around the world.  At one point, I was the exception.  That is no longer true.

One recent Sunday I took part in an event that will most certainly become a yearly tradition.  Along with 14 beautiful, smart women, I treated myself to a SPAtastic Sunday.  For several hours, we sat in our plush robes and flip-flops sipping freshly brewed teas and fruit infused waters chatting away about something and nothing while waiting for our massage and facials.   The mood was light and relaxing and the treatments were invigorating.

While it would be simply delightful to incorporate this “activity” into our weekly schedule much like my children’s activities, I am a realist.  So until next Spring….

Special thanks to Lily Pad Day Spa in Millstone, NJ for a SPAtastic Sunday!


2 thoughts on “SPAtastic Sunday

  1. Oh, please, oh, please can I do this right now?

    At 8:40 p.m. on a Thursday evening, alone at home with my baby while Ba.D. continues an already long workday?

    Okay, I see the chances of this are slim. But now that I’ve read this, I’m motivated to at least call the spa close to me for a massage! The last time I did that, Li’l D was maybe two months old and I was so frazzled I just fell asleep. :p

    • Hysterical! My first massage post baby, not only did I fall asleep, but I wet the table with breast milk! Relaxing none the less.
      I hope you made your appointment. Mommies need to be pampered even if just once a year! Let me know how it goes.

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