Are you sure it’s Bedtime?

Despite the light filtering in through the windows, the clock reads 8pm. My 6-year-old daughter is clearly aware that it is bedtime.  My 4-year-old son thinks I have lost my mind.  “Are you sure it’s bedtime, Mommy?  Maybe you should check with Daddy to make sure!”

This time of year might as well be a complete wash when it comes to bedtime routines.  What was so finely honed over the winter months is completely irrelevant. Bath time is replaced with sprinkler runs and bedtime stories are replaced with an intense game of hide and seek – they hide from the mom who seeks them.

With just two weeks left in the school year, I apologize in advance to my children’s teachers.  I am not enforcing 8pm bedtime.  At our home, we are catching fireflies and swapping sprinkler runs for bath time.  Ohh and I did check with Daddy; Bedtime is suspended effective ASAP!


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