A First for us Both

I often say that I tend to bite off more than I can chew.  In fact, this might as well be my life mantra.  As a type A personality working mother of two, I will most often say yes than deny my children an opportunity to participate in a sport or group.  This past school year was no different.  By this past Monday, I was about spent.

It was not the alarm clock that woke me up Monday morning but rather the rumbling thunder in the dark ominous sky.  As I looked over at my alarm clock it was just past 6am and the day’s plan seemed very doubtful.  But never the less, I began my revised morning routine and hoped for the best.  After a flurry of texts and emails and a check of the weather, my daughter and I stood with 150 fellow Girl Scouts and Leaders ready to walk in the Memorial Day Parade (wishing I had stopped to get some much needed coffee).

Until that moment, I had never walked in such a formal parade and neither had my daughter.  Armed with our American flags, we waved at our friends, family, neighbors and cheering community.  Despite the warm temperature and the slower pace of the route, my daughter and her Daisy troop were all smiles as they made their way through town full of energy.   Perhaps it was their excitement or the overwhelming sense of community, but these young girls walked the two miles with very little complaint as did I.  As we neared the end of the route, my daughter took a moment to walk with me.  “Mommy, how come you are so old and never walked in a parade before?”  Ignoring the “so old” segment of the question, I simply responded that I really never had an opportunity before.   Her response?  “That makes this so cool.  This is a first parade for both of us.  Thank you for being my Daisy Mom”.   In that very instant, my insightful 6-year-old validated all of my juggling and wiped all guilt off my mommy slate.

As the sun-kissed days grow longer and we ease into summer, I will take the time to enjoy the “activity-less” nights and weekends while I watch my children and the summer blossom.  September is a long 12 weeks away.


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