Mommy Field Trip

I awoke earlier than most mornings, wide-eyed and excited on Tuesday morning. Without hesitation, I leaped into the day – a day that I was eagerly awaiting for months.  My husband would have to tend to the natives and get them off to school because I would be sitting on a train right about the time the morning songs of whining would begin.

With their lunches ready and packed, I quickly kissed my sleeping brood and ran out the door.  Tires screeching, I was on my way to what I came to call, Mommy Field Trip. With our next few weeks filled with year-end celebrations, ceremonies, playoffs and recitals, I thought it was only fair to have an event of my own.

By 8:30am, my girlfriends and I were standing in the Jacob Javitz Center, waiting for the BEA (BookExpo America Conference) to open its doors.  My friends, this event is a book lover’s dream.  Aisles and aisles of publishers and authors touting their newest novels, biographies, short stories – all of which have yet to be released.

It was a happy, happy day for me.  I was among authors and publishers and buyers and librarians and book lovers.  I spent hours roaming each aisle picking up copies of books that were literary, “hot off the press.”  I told Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes) that it would be a delight if he could sign his book to both my daughter and husband who love to watch his show together.  I thanked Adam Mansbach in person for putting my thoughts to paper in his book, “Go the Fuck to Sleep”, which will sit on my nightstand for years to come.  I walked and chatted without a schedule, without a timeline, without having to be anywhere else but there.

My girlfriends and I were certainly a sight to see on the train ride home that late afternoon.  With a total of 86 books sitting in bags all around us, we giggled and sighed as we shared our stories of who we saw and which authors signed our books and we mentally began the countdown to next year’s Mommy Field Trip!

Just a snap shot of some of my acquired treasures from the BEA


2 thoughts on “Mommy Field Trip

  1. I love the idea of a Mommy’s Field Trip! This seems like the perfect destination for such a thing, too. Oh, so many books! Don’t get me wrong, I love our Festival of Books, but it’s all sprawling and diffuse now. It’s hard to feel quite the same love. (Or is it just that I brought my little one, leading me to focus on the books he was interested in versus ones I’d like to read? *whistle*)

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