You Know Everything Mommy

Why does the traffic light stay red for just a few minutes? 

Why isn’t Target open all night long? 

Why do I need a sister? 

Given a few quiet moments to think, my 4-year-old son will deliver a regalia of questions.  Most often, I can conjure a decent response that will satisfy his inquisitive nature, but the few times I fail to come up with an answer, he exclaims,  “You know EVERYTHING Mommy!”

To save face during those blank moments, I distract him and quickly head to Google to find an answer that I think will be sufficient.  More recently, my son asked me why I can’t stay home with him every day.  Google wasn’t going to help me with this answer. 

I debated on how I would approach this question….

I can’t stay home every day because I have a job that needs me too. 

I can’t stay home every day because the extra income I bring home is helpful. 

I can’t stay home every day because I am lucky enough to have parents and in-laws that make the impossible,  possible.  

I can’t stay home every day because mommy feels the little time I spend away from our home makes me a better mommy. 

As he stood there waiting for my answer, I took a deep breath and began, “Mommy can’t stay home every day because I have a job and…”.  

Cut off from delivering my well crafted response, my son interjected,  “Woo Hoo!  I miss you when you are at work but it’s more fun when you are not here.  Poppy and Nonno watch golf and soccer and I can eat candy”. 

To say I was devastated would be a understatement.  In those few moments that I tried to develop a responsible and appropriate response that he could digest and not be forever damaged by, he was thinking of  the gummy bears and Swedish fish and Hersey Kisses I keep in the snack shelf which apparently he has full access to when his grandfathers are occupied.

One day, my son will realize I do not know everything.  Until then, I will try to cope my self-imposed mommy guilt and smile at all of the special moments I do get to share with my very special smart 4-year-old son.


4 thoughts on “You Know Everything Mommy

  1. My standard response to that question when Brennan asks it is, “do you like your toys?”, “yes”, “do you like your clothes?”, “yes”, “do you like to eat and drink?”, “yes”, “do you like your house?”, “yes”, “Then mommy needs to work so we are not living on the street, naked, hungry and bored!”… but I guess that my answer may fall into the “forever damaged” category 🙂

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