Patch Me Up!

Promises are made to be broken.  Yes, No?

Just a few short weeks ago, I made a promise that my “to do” list would remain status quo.  However, being able to see the light at the end of the school year and activities tunnel, I had to tweak my promise.

Beginning in the next week or so, my blog will be picked up by The Patch!  The Patch is a regionally focused online news site that provides information about all things local.  There are Patches all over the country and some right here in NJ.

I am excited, nervous, boastful and intimidated.  It’s one thing to write to you, my friends and family who know me.  To send my random sometimes twisted observations out into the world is an entirely different animal.

But what is life if we don’t take chances?  So I am tweaking my promise and thanking everyone who has followed my blog so far. Patch Me Up!


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