Happily Ever After

Call or think of me what you may, but this morning I am all about Happily Ever After!

I really had no interest in the Royal Wedding and did my best to avoid any media surrounding the event.  That is until my 6-year-old daughter began asking questions last night.

“Will Princess Kate be at Disney World when we go or will it be an actress?”

“Does she know Rapunzel and Tiana?  They just became princesses too!”

As I explained that Kate was, in fact, a real young lady who was going to marry a real Prince, the sheer awe in her expression was priceless.

At 6am, she joined me in bed and we watched history unfold.  Our running commentary (far more entertaining than Matt’s, Meredith’s and Al’s) encompassed history, a touch of geography, a taste fascination and just pure sweet girly giddiness. Somewhere between the exchanging of vows and walking into the carriage, we were joined by Mikey.  Taking one look at us and then the tv screen, he rolled his eyes and stated,  “Call me when the soldiers on the horses go into battle.”

Soon our morning routine was kicked into high gear.  Showers, breakfasts, unfinished homework hummed through the house as we made a mad dash out the door.  As we were driving to school, Bella looked up from her last night’s homework and said, “I hope Princess Kate and Prince William will be happily ever after just like you and daddy!”

There is nothing more pure than seeing True Love through the eyes of a young girl.


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