She’s Wearing WHAT?

I’ve mentioned before that I tend to think of myself as a laid back mother, slightly organic with a touch of spice.  I breastfed both children until they were 12 months, but I had no problem giving them Gerber jarred food.   I make sure homework and nightly reading gets done after school, but I also let them watch tv for an hour, maybe two, so I can read my book club selection.   It seems, however, that raising a daughter is single-handedly turning me into a – dare I say – conservative, slighty neurotic mom. 

I am sure from the title of this entry you can see where I am going with this blog. 

There is no need for my daughter’s jeans to sit well below her waist.  There is no need for my daughter’s T-shirts to read “tease”,” juicy”, “naughty” or “bite me”.   And there is absolutely no need for my daughter to wear a padded push up bikini top.   If we were having this conversation 15 years ago, I would have argued that it’s the parent’s responsibility to determine what their young daughter should wear.   What has changed?  I now have the young daughter that is begging me to buy her those jeans, that shirt and this bikini top.   Shopping has become an errand I try to complete on my own unless I want to spend most of the trip arguing “fashion” with a 6-year-old. 

This season alone, I have returned two swimsuits because my tongue hit the floor when my daughter tried them on.  The idea of her at summer camp in those swimsuits made my stomach churn.  I did eventually find “non- hoochie mama” swimsuits and clothes thanks to Speedo and The Children’s Place.  Shame on you, Abercrombie & Fitch and Justice. 

I have relative control over my daughter’s wardrobe for the forseeable future, but I imagine that the next 12 years are going to be long and loud.   I am ready for the battle.  To the boys in our house, take shelter.


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