Dear Common Courtesy, Where are you?

Please.  Thank You.  My apologies. Perhaps I misunderstood.

Good luck trying to find those words in most messages flying through corporate email today.  Instead, most emails are filled with:   WHERE is it.  YOU were supposed to tell me.  And my personal favorite, the slap-in-the-face misuse of the once revered exclamation point!!!!!!!!

This is my Jerry Maguire moment.  I am done with inconsiderate people sending rude emails.  I demand that you read your email before sending it to me.

Are you using capital letters to connote screaming?   If the answer is yes, would you be screaming if we were having the conversation on the phone or in person?

Are you frustrated that something is incorrect?  If the answer is yes, think twice as to who really is to blame for the error.

Every email you send is received by a real life human being.  Have the common courtesy to write an email you would feel no remorse in saying aloud.   When we send an email, our email address counts as our signature and defines us. The way in which we formulate our message is the manner in which we are perceived by others.

Join me in changing what technology has ruined.   If you ever received an email that lacked simple and common decency, post this link to your Facebook status, your twitter feed or email this to your friends.  Challenge everyone to demand an end to emails that lack respect.  Bring back common courtesy.


4 thoughts on “Dear Common Courtesy, Where are you?

  1. Such a good question!

    I’m afraid that you’re correct, and setting a good example isn’t enough – we may have to help each other realize when and where a good ol’ exclamation point needs to be used! And when and where it can simply be insulting.

  2. I used to be the master of sending veiled zingers. I never said anything that looked rude outright, but I could make those emails sting.

    I arrived at this company and was patiently retrained by my manager. He’d ask exactly the same questions, plus: “How do you think that conversation would have gone if you’d just gone downstairs and asked, ‘What made you think that?'”

    It turns out folks are much more friendly to work with when they trust you’re basically a reasonable person, inclined to say the same thing face-to-face as in an email!

    • Funny….I think I would appreciate the rude emails if they were cleverly written. But most bring typos and misuse of their and there!
      Some background to the post: I launched a new program at work and about .5% of the users misread the directions and proceeded to rip “me” apart. It was user error that would have been avoided if the directions were read. I suppose in the end, I was so upset that people could be so rude when I go out of my way to email with respect.

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