Taking on One More “to do”

Sister Maria. Seventh Grade.

I am not sure if it was every night or once a week, but Sister Maria would make the class write.  The writing needed to be expressive and descriptive.  It was the year my passion to write was born.  It guided me to write in high school, to get the elusive 4.0 in Expos 101 in college and ultimately – here.

So when I was given the opportunity to not only write but write about being a mom, it was a no brainer.  But my plate was full.  I promised my husband I would not take on any additional to do’s.  Graciously, he set aside our promise and gave me his blessing.

Every Wednesday, I comment on an issue pertinent to Moms.  Regardless of whether you are a mom who works outside or inside the home, I encourage you to visit EastWindsorPatch.com.

If you are a mom, your opinion is valuable to our ongoing conversation.  The more feedback each issue receives, the more knowledge and experience we can spread.  As a collective conscious of moms from all backgrounds and experiences, our voices joined as one will be a value to us all.

We learn so much as we learn to mother.  Imagine what happens when we share this knowledge.


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