Mama Needs a Break!

This morning was a typical morning in the Fowler household.  “I don’t want to wear this outfit.  It’s not cute enough,” says my 6-year-old fashionista.  “I wanted apple juice in the Spiderman cup,” says my 4-year-old as I hand him orange juice in a Cars cup. Combine this with making lunches, ignored requests to get breakfast eaten, getting a ponytail on my dancing daughter’s hair and answering various work emails; all set to the raucous sound of a howling beagle and a curious lab and the occasional outburst of the liar liar pants on fire tune sung morbidly incorrect by my son (“liar, liar, I set you on fire“…but that is another blog topic all together), and you have our typical morning.  My friends, this mama needs a break.

But alas!   This mama is going to get a break!  A very much-needed Ladies Weekend is planned complete with Spa appointments, dinner reservations and time to waste just lounging around with my hardest choice between reading or doing nothing.

The kids, when reminded of my impending leave of absence, wail that they need me to stay.  Without remorse or guilt, I explain that Mommies need sleepover parties too.

So my suitcase is packed, books and iPod in my travel bag and I am just hours away from turning the ignition on and revving up the engine (don’t tell Patrick about the engine revving).  To my local friends, if you hear tires screeching down Route 130, that is most undoubtedly me.

This Mama IS getting a break!


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