We Used to Wait.

WAY back in the day, I used to listen to music.  I mean, really listen to each song.   Today….not so much – only because there simply is no time.  Instead, I download the album to my iPod and listen either in the car or on the treadmill.  But last week, while trying to beat my one mile run time, I listened to a song I heard plenty of times, but never really listened to.  Its lyrics resonated with me in a such a way that I actually stopped running and sat down to hear it again and again.

I used to write,

I used to write letters I used to sign my name

I used to sleep at night

Before the flashing lights settled deep in my brain.*

Do you remember when We Used to Wait?   I once wrote letters by hand and I would sign my nameI used to sleep at night content and relaxed before emails and texts and instant messaging and iPhones and Blackberries and iPads and instant gratification became the only way. 

The song goes on to point out how once we would spend time waiting for responses.  Time that today, we fill with multi-tasking and juggling.  And while I have resigned myself to the fact that progress is only achieved by keeping up with this fast paced race of information, so much is lost with communication today. 

Communication is forever changed.  Keep up or loose out.  But maybe, just maybe, I will try to turn my phone and lap top off.  Maybe I WILL write a letter to you and I WILL sign my name.  And just maybe you will return my letter.

*Lyrics from Arcade Fire, We Used to Wait


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