An Extra Special Unexpected Meeting

This has been a marathon week of meetings, lunches, after school activities and dinners.  But of course, the week came to a crashing halt late yesterday afternoon when I took one look at my glassy-eyed, crimson eared son.  Making quick adjustments to Thursday’s schedule, I resided to the fact that it would be me who would take off from work to stay home with my little man.

We awoke this AM to a low-grade 100.7 fever and very uncomfortable head cold.  After the chaos that is my daughter getting off to school and my husband to work, I tucked Mikey on the couch with warm blanket, fresh class of juice, a box of tissue and the longest running Handy Manny DVD I could find.

For several hours, Mikey rested and I plowed through various assignments for work.  But sometime around lunch, Mikey came over to me asked me for a meeting.   “Mommy, you always have time for meetings so I want to have a meeting with you on the couch under the blanket”.

I did log off my office connection and closed my laptop.  We cuddled together under his blanket and watch Kelly play coy with Manny and Felipe make a mess of Mrs. Portillo’s kitchen.  We giggled and laughed and even had a picnic at lunch.  It was certainly the best meeting and lunch date I have had in weeks.

After an hour or so Mikey turned to kiss my cheek.  “Thanks for the meeting Mama Goat.  You should get back to work.  I need space”.

And just like that, my meeting was over and this Mama Goat was back online.


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