Abracadabra…..make my Groceries Appear!

Of all the to do items on this working mother’s list, grocery shopping is by far the item that is detested most.  Despite the many perks supermarkets have incorporated into the shopping experience (food samples in the isles, free babysitting, express check out), the idea of taking a full hour of precious time to food shop plus loading and unloading the car, make me wish a magic fairy godmother would wave her wand and POOF! have my groceries delivered to my front door.

Well readers, this wishful wish is now a reality!  Over the past year or two, I have been hearing more and more about this grand service of grocery delivery.  But it wasn’t until I received a coupon in the mail no more than 24 hours after having this very conversation at the 6am kettlebell class, that I have decided to give it a try.

The coupon boasts $15 off my first order AND free delivery for the next 60 days.  AND this is where I become skeptical.  How much is delivery?  How long do I have to wait to have my groceries delivered?

My fellow working moms, the delivery is $10 and my order is expected to ship tomorrow night!  I took my normal shopping list and purchased everything but the fresh fruits and vegetables (I was warned not to).  Much to my amazement, the entire order was about $45 cheaper than my normal bill in addition to the $15 off and the online coupons I used.

For this working mom, I am sensing the start of something very special.

*My overall assessment will be given upon delivery and review of my order tomorrow night.  Dear Peapod, Please don’t fail me.


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