Small Moments

Small Moments.  Life is made up of small moments.    Some of them we catch and some we miss.

Being a working mom, I imagine I may have missed more than a couple.  There are those I missed because I was too busy getting dinner on the table after a hectic day at the office or the ones I missed because I was too engrossed in the work I was finishing up on my laptop while working from home.  I have missed school functions for important meetings and missed meetings for important school functions.  Such is the dilemma of a working mom.

And just when I think that I can’t continue to manage this intricate dance, a simple small moment changes everything.

My daughter’s class was hosting an Author Celebration.  The children write a short story, illustrate it and then read their work to the visiting parents.  At the most recent Author Celebration, the class not only wrote their story by hand, but rewrote their story in Word and printed it.  When I complimented my daughter on her story, she turned to me and said,  “i can do it because YOU can do it.”  I am not sure exactly what she truly meant by this, but I could see that my hard work and dedication to things outside the home are not lost on her.

I caught this small moment.  I treasure this small moment. It fuels me for now.


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