$3.50 for one box, $7 for two, $10.50 for three

Late last week the forecaster reported that arctic air was headed our way.  Expect the coldest temperatures of this season on Saturday.  Greeeeaaaat!

So dressed in multiple layers and with some wise advise from a more veteran Girl Scout Troop (hurry, run inside Wal-Mart and buy the hand and foot warmers and put them in the girls boots and gloves…thank you Susan!), our Daisy Troops battled the cold and the wind and embarked on a timeless tradition of selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Almost immediately, the girls made their first sale.  ” Hi!  Girl Scout Cookies”  greeted shoppers as they exited Wal-Mart.  Maybe it was their cute faces bundled in scarfs and hats, maybe it was the guilt of seeing us brave the bitter cold or maybe it was just because those Girl Scout cookies are so yummy, the girls made sale after sale.

I had drilled with Bella the cost of each box.  She could tell a costumer how much 1 or 2 or 3 boxes cost.  She could also tell you what change was required if the buyer used a $10 or $20 bill.  But when a sweet older woman bought 4 boxes, she was overwhelmed and shocked.  With the help from a fellow mom, she closed the sale and nearly knocked me over with excitement.  “Mommy, that woman bought 4 boxes.  How many do we need to sell to go to Disney?”   I could see the light go off in her head.

So on that very cold Saturday afternoon, standing in front of Wal-Mart, our Daisy Troop battled the weather, learned hard work really does pay off and spread cheer with their sweet smiles and faces.  Running a Girl Scout Troop is hard work for this working mom but I am thankful I did it.  And of course, I couldn’t run this Troop without the help of all our Daisy Troop moms – all of whom are working moms …Alison & Lisa for being the best Co Leaders, Arlene for rocking the cookie mom position and Jenn, Irish, Cyndi and Katie with helpful hands and contagious laughter.

Most of Daisy Troop 70773


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