I Need to Learn to take a Sick Day

The day before my precious first-born came into this world, I had banked 210 hours of sick time – which in our office equals 30 days. In addition to my disability, I was able to take my sick days at full pay.  It was a wonderful bonus!

Two years later, our second born was greeted with only 84 hours…aka 12 days.  Not as much as my first maternity leave, but a bonus just the same.

Two year after that, with the children then 4 and 2, I barely accumulated .30 seconds at year’s end.

Now, over six years after my first-born entered this world (and with the help of family and a very flexible work schedule) I am starting the new year with a healthy bank of days thanks to a few which carried over from last year.   So you would think I would take a sick day if lets say I was in pain from what feels like 100 wisdom teeth cutting through my skin numbing my entire right side of the face.  If you answered yes folks, I am sorry to report the answer is no.  I went into the office and with a liquid breakfast and lunch and 4 Motrin made it through the day.

Why is it that I have lost the ability to take a sick day?   Is it because even if I am taking a sick day I am checking emails, working on reports while juggling kids and laundry and medicine labels?

I meant to call the dentist today when I sat at my desk but forgot until it was time to take Motrin dosage #2.  I finally called mid afternoon and scheduled an appointment first thing in the morning….of course so that I can head into the office afterwards.

Perhaps I can’t take a sick day because my definition of a sick day has changed.  Unless I am unable to remove myself from a bathroom or I am unable to walk straight, then I suppose I can continue to manage.  So I will take two more Motrin and head to bed.   Tomorrow is a new day, a doctor’s visit and maybe a 1/2 sick day.  We’ll see.


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