Lesson Learned

It was 19 degrees this morning.  Ice covered my car.  I sat chattering in the driver’s seat waiting for my car to warm dressed in my gloves, hat and scarf.  The digital clock read 5:17am.

Ten months ago, disgusted with how I felt and tired of being tired, I embarked on a six-week boot camp class.  Once the six weeks were done, I underwent a transformation; and not just in my body, but my overall outlook on life.  As the spring turned into summer, I continued taking kettlebell classes and working out several days a week.  I was surprised at how easily exercise fell into the routine of my daily life.  But I suppose all good things must come to end.   By October, the cold weather set in and so did my craving for hearty cream based soups and all things cheese.  Soon, the holidays were upon me and again I indulged. Holiday dinners, cookies, cocktails.  You name it.  I ate it.  Debbie saw me sometimes just twice a week and sometimes just once. Sadly, almost all the weight I had shed came back.  My jeans are again snug and my face super round.

So there I sat, frigid in my car, on my way to fill a spot in the next boot camp challenge.  Would this time be any different?

No sooner did we start the ever dreaded jumping jacks – I found my answer.  Last March, I could barely jump for longer than 20 seconds.  Today, despite the weight I had gained back, I could finish each exercise during each drill.

The next six weeks will be tough, but well worth it.  I am up for the challenge.


3 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. Hi Cristina…yes…there is something about the fall…beginning in late Sept and definitely by early Oct…that starts the weight gain…and by winter it’s done. I always thought it had to do with having an academic schedule, but I think it is biological. Will there every be a time when it does not happen? In the same boat…Zia Angela

  2. Cristina,
    Did you not read the email I sent out about will power?? And all though you may be feeling snug in those jeans (so am I) we have to live!! We just have to learn to take one day at a time. We are what we eat, food intake is 80 % exercise is only 20. You will find the balance and next fall do better. Really cream based soups are not good for you!
    You rocked this morning in boot camp and I was so happy to see you do so great!!!!

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