All for Them

Last week a picture was taken on Christmas Day that took my breath away.  So this post today is not about coping with motherhood and work and its’ stress and grief.  Instead, the focus of my first post for 2011 is dedicated to two very special people; two people who left everything behind to give the great-grandchildren (they had yet to meet) a life of endless possibilities.   In 1955, Nonna and Nonno (my grandparents) left a small provincial town in Italy and sailed to the United States.   They were not fleeing war or strife.  Rather life was simple and kind to them.   However, they made the ultimate sacrifice for people they hoped one day they would meet.  My grandparents are now 94 and 90.  They came to America with 3 children who eventually produced 7 grandchildren who have thus far produced 6 great-grandchildren + 1 in utero + several more I am sure will join the clan in the years to come.    It is because of my grandparents that I can sit here and write this blog. 

Nonna & Nonno –

Millie grazie per avermi datto tutto quello che non sapevo avrei voluto.

Baci, Cristina

A million thank you(S) for giving me everything I didn’t know I wanted.



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