One for you and one for me

Right around December 29th a sense of renewal and cleansing washes over us.  With the new year just days away, there is a chance to start over and correct all things wrong.  Hence our new year’s resolution lists.  Going to eat healthier, exercise and loose 10 pounds.  Going to spend more quality time with the kids.  Going to be more frugal with my pennies.  By February 11th, we are reserving the 8pm seating at the sinfully plated restaurant downstairs from the overpriced bed and breakfast we booked for our Valentine weekend away from the kids.

This time, I am going to try a different approach.  On December 31st,  I will not make any resolutions.  Instead, on January 1st, I will start the day as I normally do: kisses for Patrick, Bella and Mikey……Coffee extra light with skim milk.  But new to the routine that morning will be a stop at the notepad on the fridge.  I will write down one item I will do to make me happy and one item to make someone else happy.  2011 will be the year of giving………..

…...and I will let you know on February 11th how this new approach is working out 😉


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