Caroling for Cans

At this time of the year, if the children are in control of what is being viewed on TV, you will often hear “I want this”,  “I want this”, “I want this”, “I want this”, “I want this”, during each commercial break.  This coming from the two who have almost everything.   So this year for Christmas, my husband and I instituted the 3 Gift Rule in honor of the 3 Wise Men who traveled to Bethlehem.  I explained to the children that Santa and Jesus had “a meeting” and decided that from now on, Santa would give them just 3 special gifts and we in turn would also give 3 special gifts to others in need.

Our first and second acts of giving were achieved by buying several gifts from a wish list for a local family in need.  Our third act of giving came about rather incidentally.  In early December, my girl scout troop participated in a Caroling Event but were unable to sing to many homes.  Seeing the girls disappointment,  my fellow girl scout leaders decided we would sing holiday carols in our own neighborhood.

Tonight, 5 families took to our neighborhood with a large empty satchel and sang wonderfully off-tune carols while collecting food for our local food pantry.  The night was cold and the air was crisp, and yet there was a warmth that traveled with our group from home to home.  The children, including my own, graciously accepted the canned goods eager to fill the satchel.

Our effort tonight  was simple but the end result was pure.  We ended the night sipping hot cocoa, eating cookies filled with true Christmas spirit.


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