A Table for 12

As the night began, there were 9 ladies seated.  Wine was poured.  Conversation blossomed.  Soon after, the table grew from 9 to 10, then 11 and then 12.  More wine was poured.  Conversations flourished.  Around this festively plated table sat 12 women: a collection of full-time working moms, part-time working moms and stay at home moms celebrating the holiday season and connected by one common group – the Book n’ Wine Club.  But like most of our book club meetings, the focus of conversation centered around one common topic – dealing with motherhood.

I sat at the table in awe of these remarkable women.  Regardless of what approach we adopted into motherhood, we all faced the same challenges.  We all try to maximize our time so that we can juggle kids activities and household chores.  We all struggle with the occasional tantrum both at the office and in the nursery.  I couldn’t help but feel that by just sitting among these women, I was gaining valuable knowledge that I could use in my approach.  Through the laughter, the wine and the sinful dessert, I was so thankful that I was mother because I wouldn’t have met these ladies otherwise.  How lucky was I!

I am not sure how many bottles of wine we finished at Fernando’s Grill, but I do know this:  at that table for 12, the priceless gift of honesty and laughter was shared and will continue to grow in the years to come.


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