Playing Hooky with Mommy

Monday morning began unlike any other Monday morning for my daughter.   She awoke from her slumber by her own free will and not by her rushed and frazzled mom screeching that she would be late for the bus.  She made her way down the stairs without a tease or shove from her little brother.   She sat at the kitchen table to find her mom leaving a very jovial message that Bella would not be attending school that day.  Amazed, Bella turned to me and said,  “Wow that was easy.  I am not even sick and you are letting me stay home”.    At age 6, I introduced my daughter to “playing hooky”.

Bad lesson to be teaching an impressionable young girl, right?   Well, if there is one thing I learned thus far from writing this blog (and with much help from Linda E.) is that as a working mom I must trust that what I am doing is right and hope for the best.  So I pulled Bella from school on that Monday morning and took her to experience Christmas in New York City.

The day was crisp and the city was crowded with visitors.

We tried to ice skate at Rockefeller Center but the line was way too long (lesson in accepting disappointment).

We visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral and encountered a homeless man sleeping in the warmth of the church (lesson in compassion).

We shopped at American Girl and selected one item to purchase that was well within the set budget (lesson in finance).

We finished the day watching the Radio City Rocketts perform incredible dance numbers in the Christmas Spectacular (lesson in commitment).

As the day ended and we walked back to our car, a light snow was falling and the Christmas tree sparkled and gleamed.  Bella turned to me and said, “This day is so magical.  Thanks Mommy”  (lesson in humility).

Only time will tell if Bella will remember all we learned on that Monday in NYC.  I know I learned.


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