It Does Take a Village

Today’s calendar reads as follows:  Get your running shoes and GO!

While most days more or less fall into this category, today is a whopper!  Coming off a week of being a single mom, two deadlines at the office, dealing with some stressful news (which I am pleased to share is resolved) and getting ready for a whirlwind weekend of final rehearsals, 2 ballet performances and 2 birthday parties, today, you can say, is the warm up.

But alas, this working mom has her village.  This village is not just limited to family.  This village includes friends, neighbors and my angelic babysitter.  Political views aside, Hilary hit the nail on the head when she termed the phrase “it takes a village to raise children”.   No phrase (other than Mommy, I want to go to bed) means so much to me.  Despite the fact that I have the good fortune to work from home, I still need the help of others to get to activities, birthday parties and events.  It’s a wonder that I can even keep track of who is with whom and when.

So I want to take the time to thank my village for giving me the ability to make my life work.  I thank my in-laws picking up Mikey so I could stay late at my office.  I thank my parents for giving me two days of help.  I thank my angelic babysitter for sacrificing a Friday night to man the revolving door of children. I thank my friends and neighbors for carpooling our children almost everywhere.  Without my village, it would be very difficult to be a working mom.



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