Schedule a task, an appointment or an event

Log on to my Google Calendar and the colors will give you a migraine astound you.

Pink for Bella.  Blue for Mikey.  Green for Mommy. Orange for Daddy.

And don’t forget purple for work and navy blue for US national holidays.

There once was a time, not too long ago, where I carried in my work bag a pretty paper planner no larger than a paperback. It would thrill me to schedule a meeting or a dinner date with friends. Today, unless I carry an oversized desk sized blotter calendar, there simply isn’t enough room to fit all of my appointments, commitments and activities. Sunday nights now close my weekends with a visit to Google Calendar for a 20 minute review of what is in store for me and the gang in the days ahead.  How did this happen?

I suppose it could have happened somewhere after the children were born and Patrick and I settled into our new neighborhood.  As our office work load increased, so did the new friends we made.  As the children entered school, so did the extra circular activities.  In essence, the older the children get and the deeper we dig our roots in our community, the more colored Google Calendar becomes.

At times, I think this life we lead of running from here to there and then from there to here is insane.  I daydream about selling everything and moving to a remote log cabin deep in the woods.  This daydream is often shattered by one of my screaming children and then the thought of being in a remote log cabin deep in the woods with my screaming children turns into a nightmare.  But more often than not, I am thankful that I am healthy enough to lead a life of constant motion and relish in the idea that a cancellation can easily pop up and I can delete a task off my calendar.

In the meantime, I take an advil, log on to Goggle Calendar and watch my life blossom.


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